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Cultural resource and heritage management services that keep projects on track.

We’re Chronicle Heritage, a global cultural resource and heritage management consultancy ready to help you preserve the heritage value of your site and achieve regulatory compliance with maximum efficiency.

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Our cultural, and historic heritage resource management services will help you navigate cultural resource regulations and meet your project timelines.

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Every day, across the globe, Chronicle Heritage helps businesses, governments, and interested communities preserve and manage our invaluable cultural and heritage resources.

Cultural resource management services for major projects

Chronicle Heritage provides proactive, end-to-end cultural and heritage resource management services that help keep major projects on track.

A partner that understands the unique challenges in your sector

Chronicle Heritage balances your business needs and your commitment to due diligence, National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA), National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA), and other regulatory compliance. We have the knowledge, experience, and drive to help you achieve your goals.

  • Land Development
  • Energy Generation and Transmission
  • Oil and Gas
  • Communications
  • Transportation
  • Federal Government
  • State & Local Government
  • Mining
  • Tribal


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We had an extremely compressed schedule.
The Chronicle Heritage team completed the field investigations on time and exceeded our expectations.

Curtis Winner

Director of Safety and Technical & Land Services, New Mexico Gas Company

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Chronicle Heritage has created an all-digital workflow that delivers the best solutions with maximum efficiency. It’s how we help you break new ground and keep your project on track.

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