Cultural Landscape


Cultural landscape experts with a holistic preservation philosophy.

Landscapes are cradles holding cultural memories worth preserving. With Chronicle Heritage, you get an efficient and effective team of experts who understand the relationship people have with place.

Whether you need a heritage landscape assessment, stakeholder collaboration and engagement, documentation and inventory, preservation planning, mitigation plans, or regulatory advice, we have the know-how to keep your project moving ahead, on time.

There are few places left in the world that don’t have some detectable human cultural imprint. Assessing cultural significance is an important process filled with variables that include stakeholder engagement and an understanding of regulations. We are familiar with the interests of agencies like UNESCO and the United States National Parks Service, and will help your project move forward in consideration of the relevant specifications.


Cultural Landscape Assessment

Chronicle Heritage provides assessments to determine the value of human imprints in a particular landscape.

Landscapes can be “read” – much like a text can be read. The lens through which a landscape is read is critical, and we are adept at assessing a landscape through multiple lenses. We conduct comprehensive assessments that include evaluating cultural significance and historical context along with the physical features of a landscape. We’ll also look at the evolution of a landscape, considering time and usage as part of the story. We use the latest technological methods to record and document a landscape in the least invasive way.


Stakeholder Collaboration and Engagement

Chronicle Heritage has teams of experts that can help with stakeholder collaboration and engagement wherever your project is located.

We gather information from all relevant stakeholders, including local communities, indigenous groups, landowners, and government agencies. We manage the process both thoroughly and efficiently so that your project isn’t delayed unnecessarily.


Research, Documentation, and Inventory

Chronicle Heritage’s team knows how to access and search relevant museum records and other historical archives in order to determine a landscape’s significance.

We also go onsite to document and inventory heritage resources so you have them for ongoing reference and decision-making. GIS mapping, enhanced feature mapping, LiDAR, and photography are just some of the noninvasive ways we use technology to document and inventory a landscape.


Preservation Planning

We will help you develop strategic plans and guidelines for the long-term preservation and management of cultural landscapes.

We take into account conservation strategies, regulatory compliance, public engagement, and sustainable development – and Chronicle Heritage’s team can help with every aspect of this.


Mitigation Plans

Sometimes projects – especially in sectors like power plant construction, oil and gas infrastructure, mining, and land development – require monitoring and mitigation plans for affected landscapes of cultural significance.

Chronicle Heritage is fluent in regulatory requirements and can customize mitigation plans to incorporate your project goals. We’ll make sure your project stays compliant, meets your goals, and conserves important cultural resources.


Regulatory Advice

Our team at Chronicle Heritage is knowledgeable in the legal requirements governing heritage resources of all kinds.

From UNESCO to the U.S. National Parks Service, each has specific requirements and concerns that dictate their regulations. Various state and local entities also have their various specifications. The National Parks Service, for example, lists four different kinds of cultural landscapes, each with important qualifications – and we are versed in all of them.

Cultural Resource and Heritage Management Solutions for Major Projects

Challenging projects enliven us – so bring us your project headache. We’ll partner with you all the way. And, we’ll start by bundling our services so you meet your milestones efficiently.

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