Major projects can mean major compliance challenges

Chronicle Heritage helps you secure the permits you need to keep your project on track.

We’ll conduct a meticulous review of all your project activities and the associated cultural and heritage management requirements upfront—before you break ground. Then we’ll develop the comprehensive plan to meet those requirements with a bundled services solution customized for your unique needs, schedule, and budget.

Major Project Solution bundles include:



Our advanced technologies accurately map utilities, assess site conditions, safety standards, and ensure compliance with regulations and standards. Streamline your project planning and execution by utilizing our informed and intuitive clearance services.



Embrace your role as a responsible steward of our cultural heritage. Invest in awareness training to navigate the complexities of cultural resource management, ensuring the preservation and respectful treatment of our shared heritage.



Gain the expertise to assess impacts, develop effective mitigation strategies, and implement proactive monitoring for long-term preservation. Our services enhance your ability to manage cultural resources, navigate legal responsibility, and prepare reports to keep your project on track.



As a leading firm, we offer expert data recovery and treatment services for your project. Our team employs advanced site evaluations, excavations, documentation, and laboratory preparations to analyze, and preserve valuable data, ensuring its long-term integrity and accessibility.



Our expert technical reporting services provide you with high-quality technical reports that effectively communicate the findings, methodologies, and significance of these valuable resources. Through meticulous data analysis, clear documentation, and adherence to professional standards, we aim to enhance the understanding and preservation of these invaluable resources.

Cultural and Heritage Management solutions for land developers

Chronicle Heritage gives you the technology, expertise, experience, agency relationships that demystify the regulations and expedite your land development project with a comprehensive selection of cultural and heritage services including:

  • Portfolio Assessments
  • Site Search & Land Acquisition
  • Market & Feasibility Studies
  • Location Analyses
  • Due Diligence: Cultural Records Reviews and Risk Assessment
  • Comprehensive Cultural Resource Assessments and Site Surveys
  • Paleontological Assessments, Recovery, And Monitoring
  • Historic Properties Evaluations
  • Historic Properties Treatment and Mitigation Plans
  • Eligibility & Archaeological Site Testing
  • Archaeological and Paleontological Excavation
  • Land Research


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