Palen Solar Project

Providing Cultural and Paleontological Resource Support for the Palen Solar Project

Chronicle Heritage is currently providing cultural and paleontological resource support to EDF Renewables for the Palen Solar Project (PSP), located on land managed by the Bureau of Land Management in Riverside County, California. In addition, Chronicle Heritage played a vital role in various aspects of cultural and paleontological resource management for the PSP, including:

Tribal Participation Plan:

Chronicle Heritage collaborated with relevant Native American tribes to develop a comprehensive Tribal Participation Plan. This plan aimed to ensure meaningful engagement and consultation with the tribes throughout the project’s lifecycle, addressing their concerns, incorporating their traditional knowledge, and considering their cultural sensitivities.

Monitoring and Discovery Plan:

Chronicle Heritage drafted a Monitoring and Discovery Plan to systematically monitor the construction activities at the PSP site. This plan included protocols for identifying and documenting any unexpected cultural or paleontological resources encountered during the construction process. By implementing this plan, the project team could respond promptly to any discoveries, ensuring their proper management and appropriate mitigation measures.

Cultural Resources Research Design and Plan:

Chronicle Heritage developed a Cultural Resources Research Design and Plan specifically tailored to the PSP. This plan outlined the methodologies and approaches for conducting comprehensive cultural resources assessments within the project area. It provided guidelines for field surveys, artifact analysis, and other research activities to identify and evaluate the cultural significance of the resources present.

Paleontological Resources Monitoring and Mitigation Plan:

In collaboration with paleontological experts, Chronicle Heritage prepared a Paleontological Resources Monitoring and Mitigation Plan. This plan aimed to protect and preserve any significant paleontological resources present at the PSP site. It included strategies for on-site monitoring, data collection, and mitigation measures to ensure the appropriate handling of any fossil discoveries encountered during construction.

Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act (NAGPRA) Plan of Action:

Chronicle Heritage developed a NAGPRA Plan of Action, addressing the requirements of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act. This plan outlined the procedures for identifying, documenting, and appropriately handling any human remains or funerary objects that might be encountered during the project. It ensured compliance with federal laws and regulations regarding the respectful treatment of Native American burial sites and artifacts.

Apart from the planning and documentation aspects, Chronicle Heritage also provided ongoing cultural and paleontological resources monitoring during preconstruction geotechnical studies and site fencing activities. By deploying trained field staff, they ensured that any potential impacts to cultural or paleontological resources were identified and addressed promptly, helping to prevent project delays and ensure compliance with environmental regulations.

Furthermore, Chronicle Heritage played a crucial role in revising the cultural resources mitigation measures for the PSP. They collaborated with the project team to develop language that appropriately balanced the need for thorough cultural surveys with the specific impacts the project would have on the landscape. This revision ensured that the mitigation measures aligned with the project’s requirements, avoiding unnecessary burdens while still preserving and managing cultural resources responsibly.

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Results at a Glance

  • Revising the mitigation measures for the Desert Training Center to a much less costly mitigation program.
  • Overall workflow met the project’s requirements to mitigate project impacts.

Chronicle Heritage’s contributions to the Palen Solar Project encompassed a wide range of cultural and paleontological resource management activities. Their involvement in drafting plans, monitoring activities, and revising mitigation measures demonstrated their commitment to preserving the region’s heritage while supporting the successful implementation of the PSP.

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