Florida Department of Transportation

Delivering on a Multi-Year, 16-County Contract with the Florida Department of Transportation (FDOT)

Chronicle Heritage holds a multi-year contract with FDOT to fulfill all of the Department’s cultural resources assessment requirements across 16 counties in accordance with state and federal regulations. Over the past 12 months, Chronicle Heritage has successfully completed more than 90 reviews, demonstrating their ability to efficiently handle a high volume of projects.

Chronicle Heritage’s accomplished team of trained cultural resource professionals located throughout western Florida plays a vital role in its ability to promptly respond to fieldwork requests. This dedicated team ensures that assessments are conducted in a timely manner, adhering to project timelines and regulatory obligations.

The comprehensive reviews conducted by Chronicle Heritage have encompassed a diverse range of settings, including both rural and urban environments. Their fieldwork efforts have resulted in the documentation and evaluation of numerous historic buildings, roads, and railroads for potential inclusion in the National Register of Historic Places. By identifying and documenting these significant resources, Chronicle Heritage contributes to the preservation and recognition of Florida’s rich historical and cultural heritage.

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Florida Department of Transportation


Multiple Counties, Florida


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  • Reviews have included extensive fieldwork in both rural and urban settings, which have led to the documentation and evaluation for the National Register of Historic Places of several hundred historic buildings, roads, and railroads.

Chronicle Heritage’s commitment to fulfilling the requirements of the FDOT contract is evident in their expertise and dedication. Their work not only assists the transportation department in meeting regulatory obligations, but also enhances our understanding and appreciation of the historical significance of the built environment across the 16 counties they serve.

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