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Conducting an Intensive Survey for a Major U.S. Carrier

Chronicle Heritage has been actively involved in supporting telecommunications infrastructure development and major U.S. carriers in complying with the requirements of the National Historic Preservation Act (NHPA) and the Federal Communications Commission (FCC).  In one recent representative case, the carrier proposed to construct a new 195-foot-tall self-supporting tower and associated infrastructure in a rural area and within a historic site. The project also required new access roads and utility easements, which are typical additional elements of these projects.

Chronicle Heritage conducted an intensive survey of the project site, during which we observed and documented a prehistoric camp that extended into the project area. To address regulatory requirements and facilitate the construction of the communications tower, Chronicle Heritage collaborated with the client to recommend the installation of protective fencing to confine ground-disturbing activities and protect the prehistoric camp.

Chronicle Heritage provides a wide range of cultural resource services to communications clients across the country, including:

Compliance with NHPA and FCC Requirements:

Chronicle Heritage provides expertise and guidance to clients in navigating the regulatory frameworks of the NHPA and FCC. They assist in ensuring that proposed telecommunications projects meet the necessary historic preservation standards and regulations set forth by these entities.

Site Surveys and Documentation:

Chronicle Heritage conducts comprehensive surveys of project sites to identify any potential historic or archaeological resources that may be affected by the proposed development. Through these surveys, they observe and document any cultural heritage sites, artifacts, or features within the project area.

Collaborative Solutions:

When a historic site is identified within the project area, Chronicle Heritage works closely with the client to develop appropriate mitigation strategies. They collaborate to recommend measures such as protective fencing to confine ground-disturbing activities and safeguard the cultural resources. These collaborative solutions aim to balance the need for infrastructure development with the preservation of significant cultural heritage.

Environmental Impact Assessments:

Chronicle Heritage assists clients in conducting environmental impact assessments, specifically related to cultural resources. They assess the potential impacts of proposed projects on historic sites and artifacts, helping clients identify strategies for minimizing or mitigating these impacts.

Regulatory Compliance Documentation:

Chronicle Heritage prepares the necessary documentation to demonstrate compliance with NHPA and FCC requirements. This includes compiling detailed reports and studies that outline the survey findings, proposed mitigation measures, and the overall approach to preserving and protecting cultural resources within the project scope.

Expert Testimony and Consultation:

In certain cases, Chronicle Heritage may provide expert testimony and consultation, offering their specialized knowledge and insights to support clients during regulatory hearings or legal proceedings related to telecommunications infrastructure development and historic preservation.

By working closely with major U.S. carriers and telecommunications infrastructure development clients, Chronicle Heritage aims to facilitate the successful implementation of projects while ensuring the preservation of cultural heritage resources. Their expertise in historic preservation compliance and their ability to develop collaborative solutions contribute to responsible and sustainable development in the telecommunications industry.

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Elbert County, Colorado


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Results at a Glance

  • A long-standing Boy Scout Camp was located near the construction zone, and we worked with the client to address stakeholder concerns and identify possible mitigative actions.
  • Facilitated a workshop to help attendees of the Boy Scout Camp earn an archaeology merit badge and presented a talk at the Boy Scout Camp about the local archaeology and the importance of heritage resources.

Our proactive communication and creative problem-solving allowed the carrier to address regulatory requirements and increase its positive impacts on the community.

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