Left to right and top to bottom: Tana Jackson, Angela Perri, Angela Huster, Kim Johnson, Lauren Brooks, Kathleen Markham

Celebrating the Women of Chronicle Heritage

Feb 21, 2024

In light of International Day of Women and Girls in Science, an observance adopted by the United Nations General Assembly that takes place each year on February 11, we’re proud to highlight some of the many extraordinary women on our team. Whether as archaeologists, paleontologists, historians, part of our behind-the-scenes technology staff, or part of our senior leadership team, we’re grateful for our female staff’s dedication, intellectual prowess, and technical expertise contributing in profound ways to Chronicle’s success.

We’re privileged to introduce the following women:

Tana Jackson

Tana Jackson (Global Director of Revenue Operations)

Tana plays a critical role managing and optimizing internal processes enhancing Chronicle’s growth and the quality of our client service. Her work involves close collaboration with Chronicle’s cross-functional departments streamlining processes, innovating, and optimizing systems while supporting our high standard for excellence in client satisfaction. Tana’s detailed expertise and leadership are a valued asset to our staff, and she was recently given recognition by the Revenue Operations Alliance on their ”Ones to Watch in 2024” list.

Angela Perri, Ph.D., RPA (Director of International Heritage – Middle East)

Dr. Angela Perri is an environmental archaeologist who specializes in zooarchaeology, the analysis of human-animal interactions and animal remains from archaeological sites. Much of her work has focused on the early relationship between humans and dogs and she is a leading world expert on dog domestication. Dr. Perri received her Ph.D. from Durham University (UK) in 2014 and was a Postdoctoral Research Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Evolutionary Anthropology in Germany for four years before receiving a two-year Marie Curie Postdoctoral Fellowship in the UK. Prior to her role as International Heritage Program Manager, she was an Assistant Professor in the Department of Anthropology at Texas A&M University. She has conducted fieldwork all over the world, including Japan, Czech Republic, Kazakhstan, and Saudi Arabia. She is the author of dozens of peer-reviewed publications, including first-author papers in top journals such as Nature, Science, and Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS). In addition to her academic research, she is a strong supporter of science outreach and has given dozens of interviews and talks in public venues and social media spaces.

Dive into a podcast episode featuring Dr. Perri here (MeatEater Ep. 466: Dire Wolves and Ancient Hunting Dogs).

Watch Dr. Perri’s presentation for the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History, “Chasing Tales: Humans, Dogs, and Evolution,” here.

Angela Perri
Angela Huster

Angela Huster, Ph.D., RPA (Senior Archaeologist and Principal Investigator)

Dr. Angela Huster is a Senior Archaeologist and Principal Investigator for Chronicle Heritage specializing in Central Mexico and the U.S. Southwest. Her research focuses on the ways that everyday people at the edges of cultures dealt with their changing lives—whether those changes were being conquered by the Aztecs, the collapse of the Teotihuacan state, or the reorganization of the Hohokam market system. Her work research has been funded by the National Science Foundation, the Society for American Archaeology, the Register of Professional Archaeologists, and the Rust Family Foundation, and is published (among others) in PNAS, the Journal of Field Archaeology, Antiquity, and Latin American Antiquity. She loves that archaeology is a “magpie” science that draws on everything from computer programming to art and encourages interest in the field through Skype-a-scientist K-12 classroom outreach and managing Chronicle’s Arizona internship program.

Click here to learn more about Dr. Huster’s collaborative search for answers concerning the ancient city of Teotihuacán.

Kim Johnson, M.S., RPA (Senior Archaeologist and Team Lead – Portland, OR)

Kim Johnson joined Chronicle Heritage as a field technician in 2018, ascending within a year to the role of Field Director and Associate Archaeologist for Chronicle’s then-new Portland, Oregon office. Since then, Kim has successfully taken on project management, staff training and supervision, and business development, helping drive Chronicle’s growth throughout the Pacific Northwest region. In her current role as Senior Archaeologist and Team Lead, Kim continues to provide guidance and support for our Portland team while managing projects and assisting with program development.

One of Kim’s accomplishments is the development of a chronology of Prince Albert pocket tobacco tins, which has become a common document in many an archaeologist’s pile of artifact references. She plans to publish an updated version of the chronology in the near future and is working on a similar chronology for Velvet tobacco.

Kim Johnson
Lauren Brooks

Lauren Brooks, M.A. (Senior Archaeologist and Team Lead – Phoenix Group)

Lauren attended the University of Colorado at Boulder as a first-generation college student and obtained her bachelor’s and master’s degrees in Classical Archaeology. After graduation, Lauren taught Latin and archaeology while conducting fieldwork all over the world during the summer months. Before coming to work for Chronicle Heritage’s Phoenix office, Lauren excavated at an imperial villa in Rome, Italy; a pre-Incan village in Cangahua, Ecuador; an Anglo-Norman Castle in Ireland; and conducted a survey in the Argolid peninsula in Greece. During her time at Chronicle Heritage, Lauren has continued to help develop educational content for Chronicle employees, and she is currently working with her colleagues to build a course to help train new Project Managers. Currently, Lauren is the Cultural Resources Team Lead for Chronicle Heritage’s Arizona offices.

Kathleen Markham, M.S. (GIS Services Manager)

GIS Services Manager Kathleen Markham holds a master’s degree in Geographic Information Systems from the University of Arizona, where her graduate research focused on probability modeling of mineral deposits on the planet Mars. As a part of her terrestrial GIS work, Kathleen has presented at the Arizona Geographic Council Symposium and volunteered with the Humanitarian OpenStreetMap Team to create open map data for areas facing major disasters and humanitarian crises.

Kathleen is a Part 107 FAA-Certified Drone Pilot, Remote Sensing enthusiast, and strong supporter of AI tools in the workplace.  

Kathleen Markham

The women working for Chronicle coast to coast and beyond are critical to its mission. These respected leaders and contributors are just some of hundreds working hard every day at Chronicle to effectively lead teams, solve problems, coordinate logistics, and go above and beyond. We’re deeply grateful for all our female staff, who ultimately help Chronicle deliver top-tier service to its clients and advance our collective understanding of our shared histories.