John Williams, Principal Archaeologist, International Heritage Program and Kate Zubin-Stathopoulos, Office Principal, Denver, CO

PaleoWest Announces Dual Promotion of Dr. John Williams and Kate Zubin-Stathopoulos

Feb 7, 2023

PaleoWest is delighted to announce a dual promotion for two members of our Denver, Colorado team: Dr. John Williams to Principal Archaeologist for the International Heritage Program and Kate Zubin-Stathopoulos to Office Principal. 

John has over 25 years of experience and has contributed to more than 200 projects, serving in leadership roles for projects in Oman, Jordan, Lebanon, Israel, Portugal, and Crimea. He most recently served as PaleoWest’s Denver Office Principal, helping build the team’s reputation for excellent archaeology and efficient service. Within his new role, John will help PaleoWest deliver top-quality archaeological services to stakeholders around the world. 

Kate joined PaleoWest in late 2021 as a Senior Paleontologist before being promoted to Paleontology Program Manager and Denver Team Lead. Within these roles, Kate expanded PaleoWest’s paleontology program across the Rocky Mountains and Intermountain West while providing strong localized leadership in support of PaleoWest’s cultural, historic, and paleontological programs. As Office Principal, Kate will provide leadership for the Denver team while continuing to serve as PaleoWest’s national Paleontology Program Manager.

Congratulations, John and Kate! We wish you continued success in your new roles.