PaleoWest and Commonwealth Heritage Group logos

PaleoWest Joins Forces with Commonwealth Heritage Group: A Blending of Firms in the Cultural Resource Management Industry

Sep 26, 2022

Phoenix, Arizona-based PaleoWest and Dexter, Michigan-based Commonwealth Heritage Group have joined forces, merging to create one of the leading cultural resource firms in the nation. This combination will enable the companies to provide an enhanced experience to its customers with a coast-to-coast footprint and services spanning archaeology, architectural history, ethnography, underwater archaeology, and more.  

“We’re excited to offer the employees of both firms enhanced career opportunities and our clients better nationwide coverage,” said PaleoWest CEO Shawn Fehrenbach. “This union puts us in a stronger position to address challenges and shortcomings in our industry, such as wage disparity with similar industries, diversity among our workforce, and fragmented national data standards in archaeology.” 

“Since our founding in 1988, Commonwealth has prided itself as being a leader in the CRM industry and this merger with PaleoWest is going to continue with that tradition,” said Commonwealth Heritage Group President Andy Weir. “Together the two companies are going to create something that has never been done before. I am very excited to work with PaleoWest in offering our employees better opportunities, our clients a superior product, and a shared commitment to our heritage resources.” 

With the joining of Commonwealth Heritage Group and PaleoWest, we strengthen our commitment to protecting fragile resources while supporting our clients’ needs.