PaleoWest Expands its International Heritage Footprint

May 17, 2022

Already the largest cultural-resource management firm in the U.S., PaleoWest is expanding its reach globally. Our firm has carried out archaeological work in seven countries across four continents and is now announcing the formation of our International Heritage Program. This new program builds upon our recent successes in Asia and the Middle East, expands the footprint of PaleoWest’s industry-leading service offerings, and provides a professional, client-focused option to assist with the preservation and management of cultural heritage around the world.

Dr. Steve Karacic, a leader in heritage preservation and research, will serve as Director of International Heritage. Dr. Karacic has conducted archaeological work throughout the Middle East, is the Editor of a leading journal on the archaeology of Arabia, and has a professional network of partner firms and institutions that covers a wide array of key international geographies. He’s also put his deft management talents on display by building a top-notch program for PaleoWest in the Southeast U.S.

PaleoWest now stands ready and capable to lend its proven expertise to heritage management projects globally.