PaleoWest Team Returns to Saipan to Support FEMA

Oct 7, 2021

In 2019, PaleoWest was proud to embark on a new partnership with CCPRS (CH2M HILL – CDM PA-TAC Recovery Services), providing environmental and historic preservation services to the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA).

Committed to supporting FEMA’s post-disaster response and recovery across 17 U.S. states and territories, PaleoWest is proud to have recently deployed a highly qualified team to the Pacific Island of Saipan on a new 18-month assignment, supporting the construction of housing in the Northern Mariana Islands.

Throughout the project, our dedicated team will initially assist FEMA with demolition and soil testing at sites across the Island, with operations thus far revealing five new prehistoric subsurface archaeological sites. Alongside guiding future data recovery, the initial examination of these locations has fuelled excitement that rare deposits from the pre-Latte, Latte, and Transitional Periods have the potential to be present. Further studies will shed light on these lesser understood periods in history.

Above all, we remain honored to continue working alongside our FEMA and CCPRS teammates, working proactively to support FEMA – whose mission is “Helping people before, during, and after disasters.”

To learn more about FEMA and its vital work, click here.

Saipan Deposits