Angela Huster

Dr. Angela Huster Awarded Grant from the Register of Professional Archaeologists

Sep 23, 2021

PaleoWest is thrilled to congratulate Dr. Angela Huster, a Principal Investigator in Phoenix, Arizona, who recently secured a grant from the Register of Professional Archaeologists (RPA) to support the ongoing documentation of the Teotihuacan Mapping Project (TMP). Beginning in the 1960s, the TMP conducted an intensive site survey of the ancient city of Teotihuacan in Central Mexico, making over 5,000 surface collections and excavating 28 key locations across the city. Arizona State University’s Teotihuacan Research Lab, located in San Juan Teotihuacan, Mexico, maintains the project’s collections and records and is conducting a multi-year project to produce final project reports and catalogs. Angela’s grant supports acquisition of scanning and photography equipment that will support the digitization of photographs and other paper records from the project.

Congratulations, Angela.