Insightful Paper, Co-Authored by Kye Miller, Published in KIVA: The Journal of Southwestern Anthropology and History

Jun 25, 2021

PaleoWest is proud to report that Regional Principal, Kye Miller, co-authored an insightful paper–alongside Harlan McCaffery and Robert H. Tykot–that has recently been published in KIVA: The Journal of Southwestern Anthropology and History.

Funded by the PaleoWest Foundation, their investigation delves into the history of turkey domestication in the American Southwest, at a time when the topic continues to grow as a substantial area of archaeological interest. With recent discoveries highlighting the crucial role of turkeys in Pueblo societies, archaeological research of the animals is fundamental to uncovering more information about the ancient Southwest and its inhabitants.

Using nineteen turkey bones previously discovered by PaleoWest, Miller’s work employs a stable isotope mixing model to build on the existing body of data. As a result, the paper has helped create a more definitive picture of the turkeys’ diet and how they were managed by Pueblo societies during the period.

PaleoWest and our foundation are delighted to have contributed to Kye’s work and are committed to helping our team explore their passions and achieve their personal goals.  

To read the paper, please follow the link below: