large trench being dug with a digger

Three Years Supporting the ‘Recharge Fresno’ Project

Feb 12, 2020

Since early 2017, we’ve been working with the City of Fresno on the massive Recharge Fresno Project – providing paleontological and archaeological monitoring during the project’s construction. The aim of the program is to improve the pipelines and water systems that deliver water to homes and businesses across the city – which includes the treatment of surface water from the nearby Sierra Nevada Mountains.

Work is currently being conducted in the SW4 segment, which runs through the City’s historic Chinatown. We’ve also recently collaborated with the City, California State Water Board, and the California State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) to create a plan for recording and mitigating recent discoveries in the Chinatown area.

We’re proud to serve the City of Fresno and appreciate the opportunity to document and protect its cultural heritage. Special thanks to Niranjala Kottachchi, Paleontologist, and Natalie Lawson, Archaeologist, for their on-going leadership of the project, as well as to all of our fantastic field staff for their hard work and dedication.